I am from Massachusetts and now live in Europe (Barcelona), and The Bay Area.

I have been a computer consultant for the past 20 years. I wrote my first newspaper column and built my first website when I was 14. I now blog for The Huffington Post and have gone on assignment for National Geographic (I'll blog for you too, contact me).

I am also the president of Curry Without Worry, a Bay Area non-profit that serves the food-insecure featured in The New York Times. I am a distance learning student at UMass Amherst and featured on the school's website.I have built UI/UX for hundreds of clients, and managed teams of up to 10 on comprehensive web development projects.

I love to write and communicate ideas. I research and get the energy going around new ideas. As they form, I help visualize and bring them to fruition with content creation (writing, web development, and social networking).

I quickly come up with conceptual, as I especially like the ideation phase, whether writing or wireframe. I also am an active project manager of more advanced developers.

I am a people person. I love technical support, getting teams together, brainstorming, and growing ideas. I have built and managed teams of 15 and acted as a project manager using Agile Development method tools like Asana, JIRA, Pivotal, and version control.

I have extensive experience working with remote teams and am always on time with my deliverables and online meetings.

Writing and Content Creation

Product Design (UX and Wireframes)

Interaction Design

Adobe Fireworks & Sketch

Agile/Scrum Team Management

HTML/CSS (i.e. Jade,Less)

Javascript & JQuery (i.e. Angular,Node.js)

Git Version Control

API/DB Integration

LAMP Stack Setup/Management (WHM)


Video Editing/Production

Mac/Win Desktop Support/Training


Stand Up Comedy

A recent client testimonial : My company hired Jesse to help with the front-end design and user interface of our new SaaS platform for the financial crime compliance industry. Jesse was not only able to deliver the project on schedule and budget, but he was also able to meet all of our strict specifications, such as ensuring that the design was older browser compatible (a must for our product). I look forward to working with Jesse on any future projects.
~ Christian Focacci, CIO & Co-Founder. TransparINT, LLC


Writer and Tech Advisor

Seaver International, LC

I am a lifelong entrepreneur. I started my own tech and marketing consultancy twenty years ago and have have hundreds of international clients.


Head of US Business Development


I am helping this European based agency expand their business opportunities in the US market by connecting those in need with comprehensive web-development services with their outstanding team of project producers and developers.


Remote Web Dev/Project Management

I am actively performing remote work on a variety of technical web projects with Bay Area companies, and for The Seven Fold Agency . While I am not managing remote software projects or designing a web product I am actively searching for more remote work that feels like a perfect fit for me.


Front End Developer


I enjoyed my role as a member of the technical staff at this innovative and cutting edge startup, working beyond OCR, to transform paper, fax and pdf forms into actionable data with 99% accuracy. I got better at my existing front end tech team skills, as well as working to pick up new technologies such as Python, Django, and Ubuntu.

Check out Captricity.com for more info.



Technical Project Manager

Built a team of eight and managed the process pipeline for new product development - from concept to specifications to design to code development. While I have a strong set of UX creation skills using the Adobe suite I can also lead other designers and coders to follow functional specifications and did that here. This position gave me extensive experience in content creation, and in user interaction analytics experience to attain strong natural search results, including big data manipulation and integration of over 10 APIs. Helped raise over $3MM in startup capital.

Resigned after one year contract to persue other interests and travels. Still a shareholder and hope they take off soon.


Luxe Commerce

Founding Web Designer, Developer, and CTO

On original founding team of venture-funded startup. I helped secure funding, designed and ran entire site, from UI/UX design to server administration. I developed, designed, and led the web team, as well as overseeing all IT-related decisions for the company. Helped raise $1.3MM seed round.

A true San Francisco SOMA start-up experience. Late nights and early mornings galore, but I'd do it again any day!


Abacus Wealth Partners

Marketing Director, and assistant to the CEO

I reported directly to the CEO of this nationwide financial management firm and served as the firm’s IT and Marketing Director, performing extensive technical consulting, project management, advertising, and IT help desk. I provided online marketing and web development services for the launch of the best-selling book The Cure For Money Madness (Random House). This project included developing a large social media campaign.


Curry Without Worry

Board Member

I helped form and still work actively on this blossoming food program that serves over 200 impoverished people every Tuesday in downtown San Francisco, and nearly 300 weekly in Kathmandu, Nepal. We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, and we aim to provide needy souls a dignified experience and a healthy, hearty meal. To date, we have served approximately 105,000 meals. We were featured in The New York Times.

Learn more about CWOW, and please donate to support this great cause.


UMASS, Amherst

Distance Learning Student

I am an active distance learning student in The University Without Walls program. I am working towards a degree in IT administration.

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